Today is my best friend’s birthday. I could easily write an essay on here about how much she means to me but I’m guessing no one else would appreciate it but I DON’T CARE AND YOU DON’T KNOW TRUE LOVE. Stephanie may actually be too small to legally turn 20 but she’s apparently turned 20 anyway. She is the friend I have honestly wanted my entire life and I am incredibly grateful for her. No one quite understands me the way she does. Even considering how socially uncomfortable I can be, I’m not that surprised at how quickly I gravitated toward Stephanie because she is just that wonderful. If this sounds like I am in love with Stephanie, it’s probably because I am in love with Stephanie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEFUNNY πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― (read my future autobiography for more on how much I love my bff)


my friends sister was telling me about how in highschool a guy tried to take a picture up her skirt as she was walking up stairs and she saw, grabbed his phone, broke it in half, and handed it back to him and said β€œyou can tell your mom why your phones broken”

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289 plays Once and For All Newsies Original Broadway Cast Newsies
Finally we's raising the stakes,
we'll do whatever it takes
Now the union awakes,
Once and for all!
If I ever have a daughter,
I want her to be born into a world,
Where I don’t have to tell her what to wear,
To keep her safe from your son.

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shit i forgot to study for my pregnancy test

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that girl u just called fat? that’s a plant. u need glasses


100 favourite females in 2013

β™‘ 17. Aubrey Plaza

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